Our vision is to be the Largest National distribution House in the FMCG sector, providing the best in class Distribution services with Cost effective reach with cutting edge technology.

Creando is a full stack distribution provider for FMCG products across India. It distributes its partner products to retailers and distributors through its on ground fleet of sales personnel with Mutli-Channel approach. Creando's digital app "UDYAM" allows for Retail stock replenishment for retailers & provides analytics to brands.

Problem Statements by the Brands !

"I have entered India, Looking for distribution solution"

"I want to expand my Geographies faster" "I have entered India, looking for distribution solution" "My cost of reach is very high in selected geographies" "Our core competency is brand building; distribution is an expertise we don't have" "I know the market of my snack is big, not able to focus having other priorities in the same market" "I have notices, Creando has a strength in a particular types of outlets, which I am not reaching currently"

Creando For Retailers


Inventory Planning

Right Product Right Outlets

Discount & Brand Offers

Delivery Experience

Building efficiency and value across the supply chain.

Creando For Brands

Professional Distribution

Faster Access

Cost Efficiency

Data Analytics & Tracking

Single Window Operations